Home Roaster 1kg Aillio Bullet R1 Version 2

Home Roaster 1kg Aillio Bullet R1 Version 2

We are now accepting pre-order for estimated delivery is in January 2022.

*** This is the latest version of R1 Version 2 ***

[ Aillio Bullet R1 x Sensory Artisan ] Amazing Affordable Luxury ... perfect home / shop roaster

Just put it under the hood 😍

Most advanced 1-kg drum roaster

Full 1kg of green to first crack in under 12 minutes

Plugs into your standard wall socket

Powered by induction heating technology

Computer software included for roast profiling & control

2-year W*** We are Official distributor ... brings to you the latest version of this roaster ***

Q.: R1是否有分第一代及新版本

A: sensory ZERO 是 Sensory Artisan 正式經銷商。保證只出售最新版本 R1v2。Sensory Artisan 認證及直接進口最新産品,客人可放心。

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