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Best Sellers

Drip Coffee Pour

Zero NG63 WPM Niche Coffee Grinder

Aluminium Burrs 63mm

Conical Burr

Grind Speed 1-2 gram /sec

Dimension (W*L*H in mm) 122*211*311 Net Weight (in kg)

HKD 6,000

Panama Finca Lerida Geisha Washed

Artisan's choice of 100g specialty origin coffee from award winning farm Panama Finca Lerida Geisha Washed

HKD 240

Home Roaster 1kg Aillio Bullet R1 V2

The latest version of R1

 Aillio Bullet R1 x Sensory Artisan Amazing Affordable Luxury Perfect home / shop roaster

Just put it under the hood

Most advanced 1-kg drum roaster

HKD 25,450


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