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The Triple-Grinder is a Coffee Grinder-on-demand, three in one. The Triple-Grinder is equipped with slow rotating conical blades in order to make sure you reach the best possible results when grinding your coffee. The Triple-Grinder may be applied in several surroundings and uses:

The common and classic coffee cupping setup involves several samples of coffee to evaluate. Now, with the Triple-Grinder you can cup, simultaneously, up to three different samples of coffee.

Coffee Labs / Roasters
Coffee roasters always have green coffee (lying around) waiting to be sampled. Whether you’re roasting single-origins or blends, there’s always a new coffee waiting to be sampled.

Espresso Bar / Café / Coffee Shop
Expand your coffee serving possibilities with the Triple-Grinder. Whether you roast your own coffee or serve ready-made roasted coffee, this eye-catcher will attract clientele and diversify your coffee menu. Espresso blends, Cappuccino blends, Decaf, single origins and seasonal specials.

Triple_Grinder.jpg_350x350 Triple-Grinder1

Now you can serve your best espresso by blend-on-demand technology.

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